Ptyx Trio


      Ptyx Trio (pronounced puh-tiks) is an ensemble composed of three musicians who draw their sounds equally from the world of jazz, chamber music, and avant-garde improvised music. Caleb Veazey (Los Angeles) plays guitar and pedals, Anna Jalkéus (Denton) plays harp and sings, and Garrett Wingfield (Los Angeles) plays saxophones, clarinets, and objects, adding up to a seemingly disparate ensemble that can at times have a surprisingly integral and unified sound. Each member has a history of formal jazz training, but in this setting their interlocking and fluid lines and motives often give way to expressionist outbursts or ambient crawls. The key to the sound of the band lies in their ability to listen to each other and respond in meaningful ways and create a unique portrait of their many different influences on any given occasion.

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