The Octopod

The brainchild of saxophonist and composer Garrett Wingfield, The Octopod's sound lies at the intersection of free jazz, contemporary classical music, and the big band/large jazz ensemble tradition. The band won the title of “Best Jazz Act” in the 2018 Denton Arts and Music Awards, and has its roots in the town where a thriving DIY art scene meets with a world-class music school. The ensemble was borne of a desire to break out of the box of big band tropes with a smaller group that can seamlessly switch between improvised and highly composed textures and execute both on an equally high level. Monoliths and Sepulchres, the band’s debut album, was release in January of 2018 and features “Berne Center,” the winner of a 2018 ASCAP Foundation Young Jazz Composer Award. The Octopod aims to exist in the world of high art and low art simultaneously and draw from the best parts of each.

Stream Monoliths and Sepulchres, our Debut Album, here:

i feel lost (EP) - 2016: