Chamber Ensembles

Everything That Rises (2016) | chamber orchestra with tenor saxophone

Inspired in part by the Flannery O' Connor short story, Everything That Rises Must Converge, this is a "concerto" of sorts for tenor saxophone and a large chamber ensemble. In the story,  underlying currents of racism and general biases are brought to the fore through a series of coincidences on a bus in segregated 1960s America. The way I approached this musically was to incorporate a violent “rising” motif with disjunct intervals and a calmer, diatonic melody. These elements begin separately but eventually converge on and interact with each other throughout the work. This piece is a de-facto concerto for tenor saxophone, and the player is tasked with changing character from violent to calm many times to help tell the story of the piece. This recording features Drew Zaremba on tenor saxophone. 


Flor[id] (2016) | saxophone choir

A piece exploring florid ornamentation of pentatonic melodies on top of ever changing and swarming antiphonal textures. Commissioned by Roy Allen and the Brookhaven/TWU Saxophone Choir. 

Rampant Abeyance (2012) | alto saxophone and marimba

Three movements for alto saxophone and marimba that explore different dimensions of the concept of suspension, such as time, harmony, and traditional resolution. Hear movements 2 and 3 here:

renga no. 1 (2013) | saxophone quartet

Renga is a form of ancient Japanese poetry that was accomplished by the creation of verses in a group setting. Participants would alternate verses and derive each one from the previously created verse. The main stipulation is that the poem should not follow a distinct narrative path. This is a musical interpretation of the rules of renga for saxophone quartet.

renga no. 2 (2014) | solo flute

Another take on the musical interpretation of the traditional renga form, this time with some different regulations, and for an unaccompanied flute player. Many extended techniques are featured in this piece.

satori, chinmoku (2014) | improvisers and electronics

This piece was originally written as a sound score for a choreography of the same name by the up-and-coming choreographer/dancer Alex Masi. Written for three free improvisers and an an electronic track, the piece examines and deconstructs the concept of meditation as it relates to movement, sound, and space.

...where the sidewalk ends (2013) | saxophone quartet

A saxophone quartet adaptation of the jazz ensemble piece of the same name, based on the children's poem by Shel Silverstein.

zephyrfuzedub2 (2014) | brass choir

A biting and quasi-satirical brass ensemble piece inspired by the likes of Barber and Nelhybel. It features antiphonal euphonium soloists who trade lines across the ensemble and roaring french horns. 

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